Corporate hypnosis at Your Majesty

Your Majesty NY was treated to three days of group and individual hypnosis sessions led by renown Swedish hypnotist, Ulf Sandström!

Ulf specializes in advanced mental coaching with hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, new code NLP and somatic therapies like trauma tapping. He’s also a friend of Your Majesty’s.

Our sessions with Ulf proved to be a unique exploration of the mind & body for all…

“An entertaining and perspective-widening experience to remember. I saw results from my individual session the same day. Thanks Ulf!”
James Widegren

“My experience with Ulf was uplifting and truly inspiring! Thank you for introducing some extremely valuable life concepts.”
Joshua Pipic

“The connection I felt with Ulf was amazing. If felt so secure with him and the way he took time and patience for every individual, was truly amazing. I learnt so much from my session and am processing it until this very day. Ulf really helped me moving forward. I can’t thank him enough for his precious time.”
Emma Valk